Jeanette (Prysiaznuik) Shewchuk
Jeanette (Prysiaznuik) Shewchuk

Book Blog - Grief

I wanted to know what was the purpose of our lives. Who exactly are we. When our bodies die, we still exist, but how and where?  Since we believe we are a body, but we are not a body, what or who is the one believing it is a body? What are we?  

We need to continue trying to understand what the bodies and world is made of.  Scientists and Physicists have concluded that everything in this world is made of energy, that is an established fact. Thought is also energy. Imagination, which is formed by thoughts is; therefore, energy as well. Imagination is the creative part of the mind, infinite intelligence.

The body and universe are in time and space. The mind is not in the body and is outside time and space. The mind is a creative field of  infinite intelligence, filled with pure consciousness, imagining a world within time and space. We are the mind that believes it is a body in an imagined world. The mind simply places its awareness in a body and through the body is the experiencer, the one experienced and the experience. But none of that is real. Unfortunately, the mind is such an amazing creator that it is very difficult to fathom the Truth that it is simply an illusion, a trick of the mind, or a thought.

The True Reality of the mind is the Christ Mind. It's not possible for the Christ Mind to be anything other than the Truth - which is Love. That's what it is. The Mind is an extension of God, the Essence, the Source. The Christ Mind has the same attributes of God, much like children are the extensions of their parents' attributes and thinking,  DNA. Children are NOT their parents, just reflect their principles and values. The Christ Mind is not God, just made of the same stuff, which is pure Love. Like the Source, the Christ Mind is Eternal, Incorporeal, Immutable, Infinite, Omniscient, and Omnipotent!

The mind believes it can love and hate, give life and take it away, and it can die. How did that happen? All the ugliness of this world is not in sync with the mind's True Reality. The mind is delusional!