Jeanette (Prysiaznuik) Shewchuk
Jeanette (Prysiaznuik) Shewchuk

Book Blog - Grief

(posted on 13 Mar 2020)


Grief is an intense emotional and mental journey during which we bind our loved ones to ourselves with heavy chains of pain, imprisoning both. There are no easy paths, no magic words can release those chains.

Slowly, methodically move forward, one step at a time. Face the dark tunnel of unbearable heartbreak. Crawl inch by inch, listen to it, taste it, feel the turmoil in your gut, spit in its face, breath in every bit of unfinished business; the regrets, would have's, could have's, and  wishing what is would be different. Keep that forward hypnotic motion, battle through thorns, all seen and unseen demons. Scream, cry, until you are exhausted! Emotionally spent!


Step out of the tunnel, stand upright, breath in intentionally and deeply. Sense a blanket of peace enveloping your whole being, allow it to dry the tears and wipe the darkness out of your eyes, as a loving light begins to gently melt away the pain. Tuck memories of your loved one safely and lovingly away in your heart. Visit there any time you want or need unconditional love. Give and receive, but do not linger there.


Release their spirits, grant them freedom and peace of the Light. They are never far from you, only a thought away. Honor the completion of your loved one's contract and move forward towards your soul’s intended purpose in this lifetime. Set your intentions, summon your spiritual helpers and begin the next important chapter of your life.


                                                       One day at a time.

                                 Compose your Redemption Song!