Jeanette (Prysiaznuik) Shewchuk
Jeanette (Prysiaznuik) Shewchuk

Book Blog - Grief

(posted on 25 Feb 2020)

     The collective mind of the Son of God was now delusional, firmly believing that separation from God had indeed occurred. This guilt was deep and painful, and the mind needed to do something to get rid of it. The ego part of the mind, the part that was going insane with guilt, thought of a solution, put the blame elsewhere. The mind proceeded to project the guilt onto parts of itself, manifesting guilt into a form called a body, affirming that the separation from the Source actually happened. Similar to the Bible story about the prodigal son leaving his home.

None of this actually happened, neither the separation, or ego's existence. This is all just in a thought within the mind, an imagined situation. This illusionary self, ego, was an answer to the intense guilt felt when the mind believed the separation happened.

"The Garden of Eden, or the pre-separation condition, was a state of mind in which nothing was needed. When Adam listened to the "lies of the serpent," all he heard was untruth.  You do not have to continue to believe what is not true unless you choose to do so." ACIM T-2.1.3:1-3.