Jeanette (Prysiaznuik) Shewchuk
Jeanette (Prysiaznuik) Shewchuk

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(posted on 13 Mar 2020)


Grief is an intense emotional and mental journey during which we bind our loved ones to ourselves with heavy chains of pain, imprisoning both. There are no easy paths, no magic words can release those chains.

Slowly, methodically move forward, one step at a time. Face the dark tunnel of unbearable heartbreak. Crawl inch by inch, listen to it, taste it, feel the turmoil in your gut, spit in its face, breath in every bit of unfinished business; the regrets, would have's, could have's, and  wishing what is would be different. Keep that forward hypnotic motion, battle through thorns, all seen and unseen demons. Scream, cry, until you are exhausted! Emotionally spent!


Step out of the tunnel, stand upright, breath in intentionally and deeply. Sense a blanket of peace enveloping your whole being, allow it to dry the tears and wipe the darkness out of your eyes, as a loving light begins to gently melt away the pain. Tuck memories of your loved one safely and lovingly away in your heart. Visit there any time you want or need unconditional love. Give and receive, but do not linger there.


Release their spirits, grant them freedom and peace of the Light. They are never far from you, only a thought away. Honor the completion of your loved one's contract and move forward towards your soul’s intended purpose in this lifetime. Set your intentions, summon your spiritual helpers and begin the next important chapter of your life.


                                                       One day at a time.

                                 Compose your Redemption Song!





(posted on 25 Feb 2020)

     The collective mind of the Son of God was now delusional, firmly believing that separation from God had indeed occurred. This guilt was deep and painful, and the mind needed to do something to get rid of it. The ego part of the mind, the part that was going insane with guilt, thought of a solution, put the blame elsewhere. The mind proceeded to project the guilt onto parts of itself, manifesting guilt into a form called a body, affirming that the separation from the Source actually happened. Similar to the Bible story about the prodigal son leaving his home.

None of this actually happened, neither the separation, or ego's existence. This is all just in a thought within the mind, an imagined situation. This illusionary self, ego, was an answer to the intense guilt felt when the mind believed the separation happened.

"The Garden of Eden, or the pre-separation condition, was a state of mind in which nothing was needed. When Adam listened to the "lies of the serpent," all he heard was untruth.  You do not have to continue to believe what is not true unless you choose to do so." ACIM T-2.1.3:1-3.

(posted on 7 Feb 2020)

The decision (the thought) to separate from the Source was so disturbing to the mind, so fearful of God's wrath that it fragmented itself into two minds, the right-mindedness, still retaining a memory of the true reality, and  Ego mind which seems to have the answer to dealing with the internal guilt of separation. This Ego took control of everything created in this world. All creations stem from fear and guilt.

The ego's answer to this turmoil was to fragment itself further into a separate entity and project all guilt onto it. This continued and continues still as a futile attempt to rid itself of the painful guilt. The True Reality now is almost completely obscured. Everyone whom we see outside of ourselves simply represents our guilt. It's a part of the same mind, appearing to be different, always the source of our pain, and the cause of our guilt. There isn't anyone else, just one mind appearing as many people.

"You who believe that God is fear made but one substitution. It has taken many forms, because it was the substitution of illusion for truth; of fragmentation for wholeness. It has become so splintered and subdivided and divided again, over and over, that it is now almost impossible to perceive it once was one, and still is what it was. That one error, which brought truth to illusion, infinity to time, and life to death, was all you ever made.  Your whole world rests upon it. Everything you see reflects it, and every special relationship that you have ever made is part of it. (T-372   T-18.1. 4: 1 -  8;                  

    I am a dedicated student and teacher of  A COURSE IN MIRACLE.  The question is: "How did we get here?" We are in this world but not of this world. The mind is dreaming a dream of a world, within which it is imagining multiplicities of itself experiencing a life.  To quote A Course in Miracles: "Into eternity, where all is one, there crept a tiny, mad idea, at which the Son of God remembered not to laugh. In his forgetting (to laugh) did the thought become a serious idea, and possible of both  accomplishment and real effects." (text, p.544,T-27.VIII.6:2-3)

     We are given this myth to help us grasp the concept of the original event. Our minds are not capable of integrating a complete comprehension of the absolute Truth. The Christ Mind, of which we are all a part, is an extension of the Mind of God. The Son of God had a thought, a what if thought. A mad idea! An idea of separating from the Essence to experience specialness, much like the story of the prodigal son in the Bible. This thought lasted only a split second and disappeared just as quickly. It was only a thought, fleeting like the many thoughts we believe we have in our heads. In and out, gone from mind, or maybe not?

    Rather than laughing at such a preposterous idea, the Son of God took it seriously and believed that the thought of being separated from God had actually happened. This caused intense guilt, immediately followed by fear of God's anger. So, a thought of something happening, that didn't actually happen, transformed into a fear and guilt-based reality. This thought literally took on a life of its own.

Some experience grief early in life, observing death in nature, losing a pet or a loved one. Each encounter draws our awareness to our own eventual death.

Our first introduction to death can reveal one of the intended lessons for this lifetime. However, it isn't until a specific critical event causes us to drop to our knees, that there is more clarity of our unconscious intended life's learning.

One become aware of a  distinctive marker, a common theme, throughout your life's situations, which until now went unnoticed. You have arrived at a crucial  cross road of your life.  Pay attention, your soul is calling you. It is time to work on your anticipated purpose for this life experience.

My First Experience of Grief

I must have been around 3 or 4 years old. My Grandmother (Baba) was being attended to by my mother and neighbouring women. She was in bed in our summer kitchen, approaching her time to pass. I don't remember much of my Baba except that day.

It was also at this time, my Father brought my dog to me and laid him down on the grass beside me. Unfortunately my dog had a bad habit of chasing cars down the country road. That particular day was one too many times. I sat with my dog, Brownie, trying to console the suffering dog, wishing I could take his pain away. Occasionally I would peek into the window and observe the activity around my Grandmother.

Death seemed to envelope space and time. My dog and Baba died within the same moment. As a child, there seemed to be an acceptance of death being a body's natural process; a knowing that the personality and /or the spirit is very much alive. My Father always brought Orange Crush pop for Baba; a drink she enjoyed from time to time. There happen to be a few full bottles left in the carton. I asked my Father if I could have a bottle, then I went outside, sat on the grass and proceeded to enjoy the pop, as though nothing happened. I very vividly recall that interjected into that pleasant moment was an underlying insidious overwhelming awareness of "guilt". What is wrong with me? I should be grieving.



(posted on 6 Dec 2019)

I spent most of my life trying to understand human behaviors, not fully understanding how our innate selves could be so self-serving and  non- empathetic. The world seem to contain so much pain with no distinct resolution. It just seemed to repeat itself with generation after generation.

 The sudden and unexpected death of my husband was my breaking point and the "enough is enough" moment; I needed to know why all this pain existed. I could not understand how God could stand by and allow humanity's suffering, or as some as would suggest, intentionally create it. Nothing made sense to me; this world appeared foreign and ugly.

Everyone's beliefs and behaviors brought such sorrow to me. I was observing a world of mind-controlled zombies, firmly imbedded in this insane space. I needed to find an escape from this place of pain, fear, guilt and sorrow. I wanted to get off the birth and death cycle permanently and was determined to learn how to accomplish it.

Everyone's journey is different.  Life takes many turns, many roads. What may be a wake up call for some, may end up being simply a bump on the road for others. We must strive to understand there is a pattern in life which will lead to a greater perception and a remembrance of one's True Reality. I ventured on a journey of self-discovery.  Who am I, why am I here, why would God allow his "children" to suffer so much?



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I wanted to know what was the purpose of our lives. Who exactly are we. When our bodies die, we still exist, but how and where?  Since we believe we are a body, but we are not a body, what or who is the one believing it is a body? What are we?  

We need to continue trying to understand what the bodies and world is made of.  Scientists and Physicists have concluded that everything in this world is made of energy, that is an established fact. Thought is also energy. Imagination, which is formed by thoughts is; therefore, energy as well. Imagination is the creative part of the mind, infinite intelligence.

The body and universe are in time and space. The mind is not in the body and is outside time and space. The mind is a creative field of  infinite intelligence, filled with pure consciousness, imagining a world within time and space. We are the mind that believes it is a body in an imagined world. The mind simply places its awareness in a body and through the body is the experiencer, the one experienced and the experience. But none of that is real. Unfortunately, the mind is such an amazing creator that it is very difficult to fathom the Truth that it is simply an illusion, a trick of the mind, or a thought.

The True Reality of the mind is the Christ Mind. It's not possible for the Christ Mind to be anything other than the Truth - which is Love. That's what it is. The Mind is an extension of God, the Essence, the Source. The Christ Mind has the same attributes of God, much like children are the extensions of their parents' attributes and thinking,  DNA. Children are NOT their parents, just reflect their principles and values. The Christ Mind is not God, just made of the same stuff, which is pure Love. Like the Source, the Christ Mind is Eternal, Incorporeal, Immutable, Infinite, Omniscient, and Omnipotent!

The mind believes it can love and hate, give life and take it away, and it can die. How did that happen? All the ugliness of this world is not in sync with the mind's True Reality. The mind is delusional!


So what does happen when our body dies? In order to truly answer that question one needs to understand who we are and what we are.  Since we believe we are our bodies and this universe is real, let us start by understanding what all that is made of. Scientists and Physicists have documented this theory many times. Everything in this universe is made of energy - including our bodies. Because our bodies are slower vibrations of energy, creating  pockets of dense energy.  Iron or steel are created out of even denser energy,  vibrating  considerably slower. The faster the energy vibrates, the lighter the forms become.  So when the body dies, the body (energy) disintegrates, breaks free from the heaviness of slower vibrations and begins to transform into other forms of energy. When it is in the lighter stage it intersperses with the air we breathe so we are actually breathing in our ancestors. As it settles into the soil, is drawn up into plants, eaten by animals, eventually eaten by humans and once again ventures into our body's composition. Energy never dies, just  is constantly changing into different vibrations and concentrations. That is the circle of life.  Is that all "we" are - energy? No - that's not "what we" are, we are not a body, we just "believe" that we are body. In order to comprehend what we really are, we need to understand that what we believe we are is not true. The body is simply energy.

Here are a couple of informational site to help you understand this concept.



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