Jeanette (Prysiaznuik) Shewchuk
Jeanette (Prysiaznuik) Shewchuk


Jeanette, a native of Manitoba, Canada, is a internationally renowned artist, who's artistic endeavors are driven by the visual responses that captivate her viewers, moving them emotionally and spiritually.

She draws them in, awakening their inner souls and opens their minds to the wonders of "Seven aspects of being" - Simplicity, Implicitness, Modesty, Silence, Naturalness, Roughness, and Normalcy.

Her creative career spans 36 years and is still evolving.

She works with a variety of mediums, including Oils, Acrylics, Graphite, Water Color, Oil Washes, - On Canvas, Paper, Glass, Wood and Ceramic Tiles along with Clay Sculptures.

Her subject matter focuses are largely human interests - both realistic and interpretive with meticulous attention to detail.

Her soul filled efforts have taken her artistic gifts to national and international levels at exhibitions. She has also been Profiled in newspapers and in widely circulated prestigious magazines.

Her work is proudly displayed in private and commercial collections in Canada, United States, and Europe.